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3.0L OM642 Mercedes-Benz Engine

OM642 3.0L Bluetec engine
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New Remanufactured Engine Long Block

We know the Mercedes Blue Tech engine inside and out, literally. We stock rebuilt Mercedes-Benz OM642 3.0L Diesel engines on the floor ready to go. We install every engine we build, so give us a call!

Save $20,000 off dealer MSRP with our engine rebuilding service.

The OM642 engine is an excellent engine however it does suffers from certain design flaws that can be corrected while we are rebuilding the engine. From Mercedes, the oil cooler seals was previously designed with an inferior rubber material which has poor oil resistance and has since been upgrade to a viton material that has improved resilience to oil.

This engine also has various weak points that can compromise the longevity of the engine, the EGR valve has been known to fail causing excessive soot to reenter the engine this excess soot causes the air intake swirl valves seize up and burn out the swirl control motor.

When your engine is seized and is unable to turn typically the crankshaft has stuck to the front main bearing and depending on how much load was on the engine at the time it seized the bearing backing can spin on the bearing saddle and damage the engine block. When this type of damage occurs the engine block is typically scrap as an align hone cannot be performed on this engine

Oil gelling is very common on this engine as the recommended oil change intervals are excessively long in our opinion. So if there is any contamination your mechanic wouldn't be able to catch it before damage is done.

Engine Remanufacturing Procedure

There are many steps involved in remanufacturing an engine. Our extensive process ensures that no part is left to chance. We will never just remanufacture the top or bottom of an engine and put our name on it.

  • Disassembly of the engine
  • Manual scrubbing of heavy debris
  • Engine degreasing
  • Hot akaline spray jet cleaning
  • Pnuematic wire brushing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Removal of broken studs
  • Measuring all the various sizes of the components to manufacturer specifications
  • Machining of cylinder bore to accept new pistons
  • Check for warpage with straight edge
  • Milling cylinder head surface
  • Cutting valve seats
  • Gnurling valve guides
  • Machining valve surfaces or replacement
  • Testing valve spring resistance
  • Magnaflux cylinder heads for crack detection
  • Adjust valve clearance 
  • Assemble cylinder head
  • Machine crankshaft to accept new bearings
  • Assemble engine with all new pistons, piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, oil pump, timing kit, balance shaft bearings, valvetrain components, lifters, gaskets etc.
  • Spin test engine
  • Tape all ports and package engine in a corrosion inhibiting bag

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