Starting Jan 2022 We only build Mercedes OM642 Diesel Engines, Nothing Else!


The automotive engine market has rapidly changed and we have as well. Rebuilding an car engine from scratch with all brand new parts and the labor to do the machine shop services can easily exceed the budget of most value consious consumers which is why we have focused on larger projects.
 Many consumers choose to simply install a used engine sourced by their local mechanic shop. With our service you can source the engine yourself to save the most money to avoid the upsell by the mechanic shop and bring them an engine to install instead!
We will provide you an up to date list of engines specific to your vehicle sourced from all the top reputable automotive recyclers sorted by price, milage, and location relative to you.
Utilizing our extensive history and experience with hundereds of various automotive recyclers across Canada since 1986 we filter out the shady auto wreckers that we have had to deal with over the years.
Your results may vary depending on availability and rarety of your vehicle but in the rare event there are no engines available
anywhere in North America you get a full refund 100%
used automotive engines
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