7.4 / 454 Remanufactured Marine Engine

Remanufactured Marine Engine
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7.4 / 454 Remanufactured Marine Engine

Aerohill Engines

We at Aerohill Engines can ship you an 7.4 / 454 Remanufactured Marine Engine direct from our warehouse in Concord Ontario.

To help you identify your engine please read through these tips:

Check the surface in which the intake bolts onto. This engine has a Round intake port.

When the engine is removed you can then check to see if it has a 2 pc rear seal

The engine block should have block casting numbers: 959, 445, 286, 775, 289

The rated horsepower of this engine is 330 however your engine may vary slightly depending on your accessories and ECU programming.

This engine is a standard rotation engine.

Other things to check for: Mark IV, flat tappet, 10 bolt front cover, round intake port. 2 bolt main.

This engine is compatible with

Mercruiser Marine,

325 GM 427 V-8 1969-1972
330 GM 454 V-8 1977-1981
330 GM 454 V-8 1982-1987
370 TRS GM 454 V-8 1978-1985
370 TRS GM 454 V-8 1985-1987
7.4L Bravo GM 454 V-8 1988-1991
400 TRS GM 454 V-8 1980-1986
440 TRS GM 454 V-8 1983-1986
454 Mag. Alpha GM 454 V-8 1986-1988

Volvo Penta Marine,

OMC Marine

Indmar Applications.


If you need help with your selection email us your serial number and question to Customer Support.