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Mercedes-Benz 3.0 Diesel Engines In Stock!

Rebuilt 3.0L Ready for Installation

The Mercedes-Benz 3.0 OM642 engine is the most common diesel engine used in all Mercedes Benz SUVs in North American. Being produced directly from Berlin, Germany this engineering marvel has many technologies to keep it in line with the latest emission requirements from the EU and EPA.

The OM642 uses a common rail fuel injection system which pressurize the fuel at 23,000 psi to aid in proper atomization of diesel fuel for a more complete burn. To help with volumetric efficiency a variable nozzle turbocharger is used to force air into the engine to help provide the air that diesel engines so desperately need..

The 3.0 OM642 was a problem child

Contaminated Diesel Oil

The 3.0 OM642 Mercedes engine does have a few faults that were addressed with using updated seals and components. One such common part is the oil cooler seals which when first designed used a rubber composition seal instead of a Viton seal, the nature of rubber when exposed to oil for prolonged periods of time degrades and expands until it loses its shape and begin to leak oil. The area in which the oil leaks also was designed to flow directly to a channel that allows it to drop unnoticed towards the rear of the engine where it meets the transmission. The persistent oil leak eventually runs the engine low on oil and then major internal crankshaft damage can occur..

We have rebuilt these engines for years

Seized Swirl Valves

Another common fault of the OM642 is the design of the EGR and PCV system, The EGR system allows for spent exhaust gases to be redirected back into the intake. The PCV system used is a heated valve design, when the engine is running at low RPM on highway speeds the EGR is vented into the intake to lower cylinder temperatures, at the same time excessive PCV oil vapors are vented into the intake system causing a thick deposit of carbon and soot to suffocate the engine. This causes the swirl valves to stick and slow the air speed down causing an improper burn of fuel. The unburned diesel contaminated and overloads the SCR catalyst and causes NOX sensors to fail.

The OM642 is the most common diesel SUV we rebuild at Aerohill. We have all the parts in stock to rebuild your engine and have build many of them. Call us for a quotation!

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