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Rebuilt Kubota Engines 

Representing Japan’s cutting-edge automotive technology on the global stage is Kubota Corporation. Kubota’s diverse engine inventory offers solutions for various industrial applications, including mowers, loaders, generators, and airport ground equipment. Focused on mobility, efficiency, and environmental proficiency, the entirety of Kubota’s engine inventory is fully compliant up to top standards (U.S. EPA) and/or other regulatory environmental standards.

The Kubota Super Mini is a series of lightweight, low-power engine solutions designed mostly for consumer-level applications; welders, loaders, and mowers. This design offers a relatively small displacement of 0.6L over a 2-cylinder format, producing up to 16 HP or 12 kW. The design is fitted with Kubota’s own tech, the e-TVCS, a three-vortex combustion technology that greatly reduces emissions.

Another popular performer is the Kubota 03 series, designed for numerous applications but with a special interest in air compression, refrigerant, and pressure washers. The engine offers a counter-clockwise rotation, turbocharging, and top-tier aftertreatment. The series offers displacements of up to 2.4L with 65 HP or 48 kW, delivered through a 4-cylinder system.

The Kubota BG series is a solution dedicated entirely to efficient, heavy-scale power generation. This series uses the engines from other series – but with heavy design modification and tweaks to tune for generation. The top of this series is fitted with diesel-intake, turbocharging, 3.6L displacement. The series tops at energy production up to 42 kW (56 HP) in stand-by mode or 38 kW (50 HP) when in continuous use.

At the zenith of Kubota’s engine is its Kubota 07 series, a design dedicated to demanding industrial use, this series is meant for use in wood chippers, hydraulic pumps, skid steers, and trowels. The series is augmented with modified Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter aftertreatment, allowing for superior power output and control. The best of this series offers a large displacement pool of 3.3L, producing up to 74 HP or 55 kW power over a 4-cylinder format.

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