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Headquartered in Michigan, United States - Ford Motor Company is an international automobile manufacturer acclaimed for some of America’s proudest and sturdiest cars on the road. Ford’s inventory is diverse and rich – offering family-focused wagons, executive sedans, exotic makes, and big duty commercial trucks.

Ford has achieved its global reputation through a strong portfolio of automobile manufacturers under its wings; the intimidating Aston-Martin in Britain, the bulky Jiangling in China, and the adventurous Troller in Brazil. Ford also operates joint-ventures with other global manufacturers, some of the prominent of which are Changan (China), AutoAlliance (Thailand), Sollers (Russia), Ford Otosan (Turkey), and Ford Lio Ho (Taiwan).

Ford Engines

Ford has a special place in the world of powerful engines, offering some of the most efficient and monstrous engines on the roads. The inventory ranges from the modest 3-cylinder to grizzly 12-cylinder engines. The Flathead V8 is a legendary example of raw power, fluency, and responsiveness. A modern beauty from Ford is the 5.2-liter Flat Plane V8, producing a breathtaking 526 horsepower with 429 ft-lb of torque, credited as Ford’s most powerful engine to date. Another powerful figure - the 5-liter Coyote V8 carries Ford’s name as a leading engine manufacturer in America which – equipped with double overhead cam (DOHC) twin independent variable camshaft timing (TiVCT) – drives Ford’s most iconic car, the Mustang GT.

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