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Rebuilt John Deere Engines 

John Deere, or officially known as Deere & Company, is a symbol of American automotive and heavy equipment pride. Boasting a vibrant heritage of over 180 years, John Deere is one the of most recognisable engine manufacturer in the world, specialising in a diverse inventory of products; heavy equipment/industrial engines, recreational and commercial marine engines, and dual-purpose power generators.

All of John Deere’s engines are tiered and modelled according to their compliance to EPA/regulatory standards. This makes it easier to recognise their power output and underlying technologies. Engines following the Tier 2 EPA regulations tend to offer the most power, whereas Tier 4 EPA regulated engines are the most efficient, environmental-friendly. Tier 3 EPA engines create a niche between optimal power and environmental efficient, therefore giving customers the power to choose the best.

At the marine propulsion front, John Deere offers the 6135SFM85 engine, featuring a mammoth 13.5L displacement over Deere’s PowerTech™ engine format. The engine is built over a 6-cylinder framework that produces a tremendous power of up to 560 kW (750 HP), enough to propel large commercial-purpose ships. The engine features electronic unit injectors (EUI), water-cooled exhaust manifold, and seawater-aftercooled turbocharging. This engine is compliant to Tier 3 marine EPA standards (highest in marine standards).

For power generation, the throne of Deere’s inventory is assumed by the Tier-4 compliant 6135HFG09, offering the same 13.5L displacement over the iconic PowerTech™ PSS format. The generator engine provides peak prime and standby power of 432 kW and 473 kW respectively. Underlying technologies include electronic unit injectors (EUI), engine control unit (ECU), series turbocharging, and cooled exhaust recirculation.

A staple in Deere’s industrial offering is the Tier-4 compliant 6090HFC09 offering a large 9L displacement pool built over the PowerTech™ PSS format. The engine uses a six-cylinder format and generates a substantial maximum of 317 kW (425 HP). It comes equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), series turbocharging, and cooled exhaust recirculation.


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