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Rebuilt Dodge Engines

Dodge holds a special place in America’s vast automobile industry, marketed as a ‘high performance’ brand, Dodge’s cars are known for their surprising resilience, ease of maintenance, and high performance. As a major industry player, it goes without saying that Dodge commands an extensive range of powerful engines to power its cars.

Traditionally placed as the younger brother of Chrysler, many of Dodge’s engines are designed and tuned for extra performance. The brand’s powerhouse engine is the highly standardized ‘Tiger Shark’ or ‘World Performance Engine’ engine. The engine, coming in variants of 1.8L, 2.0L, and 2.4L, is based on a 4-cylinder framework. A modest selection, but one that offers surprisingly efficient performance and maintenance. The engine can produce up to an outstanding 160HP with 201 nm Torque. A powerful option for even the most adventurous commutes.

For enthusiasts seeking Dodge’s more powerful offerings, the popular choice is the Hemi Engine. Unlike the modest 4-cylinder format of the Tiger Shark, the Hemi follows the industry-standard small block design and features an 8-cylinder design. The Hemi series offers displacements ranging from 6.0L to 7.0L, delivering well over 450HP of incredible performance. The engine is found in one of Dodge’s more popular offerings, the Dodge Charger.

On the SUV front, Dodge offers the PowerTech EKG engine that powers many of its own and Chrysler small trucks. The engine is built on the industry-standard cast iron block, 6-cylinder format. The engine is designed for exceptional performance, unwavering against the toughest hauls. It delivers an exceptional 3.7L displacement with 210HP and 319 nm, instantly becoming a powerful choice for any buyer.

At the zenith of Dodge’s automobile empire sits the infamous Viper engine, powering the globally recognized Dodge Viper. This monster is designed on a 10-cylinder format, offering an insane displacement of 8.0L and performance well-exceeding 650HP with 760 nm.


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