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Rebuilt & New Deutz Engines 

A symbol of German innovation, Deutz AG is an engine manufacturer founded by Nikolaus Otto, the man widely credited for inventing a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Started in 1864, Deutz has a long and rich history of innovation and performance. The brand name is recognised around the world, powering many land and sea operations.

A staple of Deutz’s sales come from the agriculture sector, for which it offers engines like the BF 6 M 1013 EC, a heavy workload engine built of a 6-cylinder format, featuring a displacement of 7.2L. The engine generates up to 165 kW (221 HP) of concentrated power. An environmental product, it complies with stiff regulations such as the EUII and US T2. The engine comes equipped with powerful turbocharging, electronic interfacing, PTO capability, and flexibly placed hydraulic pumps.
At the marine side, Deutz offers the power-focused TCD 2015 V8 M for a variety of commercial operations. The engine is built of an 8-cylinder format, generating a large displacement pool of 15.9L. The power output is equally significant, generating up to 500 kW (or 670 HP). The engine comes equipped with a variety of technologies, including Electronic Engine Control (EMR 3) and solenoid valve injection system (MVS). A powerful solution that also complies with environmental regulations such as the EPA, EU, ZKR, and IMO.

Heavy-duty construction engines are another integral part of the inventory. Deutz’s most powerful solution for construction use is the BF 8M 1015 CP a workhorse engine with strong environmental ambitions. The engine design complies with the EUIII and EUII standards. The engine itself delivers a displacement of 15.9L over an 8-cylinder format, generating a nominal speed of 2100 rpm backed by 440 kW (590 HP) power output. The engine comes equipped with water-cooled turbocharging, electronic governor, and Deutz’s iconic Multi-Parallel-Cooling System.

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