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Rebuilt Chevrolet Engines 

One of America’s automotive prides, and commander of iconic brands such as the Chevrolet, Hummer, and Cadillac; General Motors’s experience in engines extends beyond the road and into the wider horizon. Its engines are found in family sedans, exotic racing cars, heavy-duty trucks, and even in submarines and aircrafts.

On the ground, General Motor’s engines range from the modest 3-cylinder engine and up to the powerful 16-cylinders. For its base cars, GM uses a series of modular engines called the ‘GM Small Gasoline Engine’ and ‘GM Medium Gasoline Engine’ that features displacement ranging from 1L to 1.8L, efficient fuel-economy, and turbocharging. These engines are designed for the ordinary commuter, providing more than enough power and features for a comfortable and safe ride. These engines are used across all of GM’s brands and portfolio. A few of GM’s brands also have their own specially designed designers for lead models. One certain example is Oldsmobile, a brand that created its own special engines.

GM’s more powerful offerings include its ‘LS-Based Small Block’ GM engines that use a displacement starting from 4L and ranging up to 6L on an Eight-cylinder design. The design of these engines is meant to give them optimal power for a variety of purposes and landscapes.

On the exotic front, GM’s prominence is earmarked by its Chevrolet brand, which uses an off-spin of the ‘LS-Based Small Block’ V8 range that delivers the most powerful performance of the brand, offering 650HP and 881 Nm of Torque, competing directly against the most elite sports engines on the roads. This monstrosity is fitted into GM’s most iconic car in the global markets, the Chevrolet Corvette.

GM’s offerings in the heavy-duty niche is just as diverse; its truck engines are titled as the Duramax Diesel Engine. The latest versions of it, the L5P and LMK, are promoted feature a strong 4.5L to 6.1L displacement and horsepower ranging up to 550HP. Its more recent offerings have sliced down raw power in exchange for technologically-sophisticated, electronically-injected engines.

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