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6.4L Ford Powerstroke Rebuilt Engine Installed

6.4L Ford Powerstroke Rebuilt Engine

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We rebuilt and installed the 6.4L Ford Powerstroke engine for our customer, all of our rebuilt engines are fully built top to bottom using brand new components and gaskets. The process of rebuilding the engine includes;

  1. Removal from the vehicle
  2. Disassembly of the engine
  3. Manual scrubbing of heavy debris
  4. Engine degreasing
  5. Hot akaline spray jet cleaning
  6. Pnuematic wire brushing
  7. Ultrasonic cleaning
  8. Removal of broken studs
  9. Measuring all the various sizes of the components to manufacturer specifications
  10. Machining of cylinder bore to accept new pistons
  11. Check for warpage with straight edge
  12. Milling cylinder head surface
  13. Cutting valve seats
  14. Gnurling valve guides
  15. Machining valve surfaces or replacement
  16. Testing valve spring resistance
  17. Magnaflux cylinder heads for crack detection
  18. Adjust valve clearance 
  19. Assemble cylinder head
  20. Machine crankshaft to accept new bearings
  21. Assemble engine with all new pistons, piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, oil pump, timing kit, balance shaft bearings, valvetrain components, lifters, etc.
  22. Spin test engine
  23. Install back into the vehicle
  24. Run engine at various speeds for at minimum of 6 hours to test for optimal engine operation.
  25. Pressure test cooling system
  26. Check for any check engine lights and subsequent diagnosis and correction of any engine related issues.

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