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Rebuilt Cummins Engines 

Cummins Inc. is an American engine and generator manufacturer. A brand that over the years has evolved to offer a tremendous inventory of specialized engines dedicated for various, specialized applications. Cummins engines offer a standard classifying and labelling structure – the B, C, I, K, L, M, N, T, and X.

The engines become progressively stronger and sophisticated as the series ascend. At the base, Cummins offers its solid range of B-series engines, the latest of which is the ISB 6.7, which features a powerful displacement of 6.7L based on a 6-cylinder format. The engine can produce up to 350 HP and with 881 nm, becoming a powerful choice for light trucks, its most popular application. The latest versions come fitted with Single Module aftertreatment technology, with targeted area dosing that delivers a superior fuel economy. A step above the ISB 6.7 stands the ISC 8.3L, sporting a giant 8.3L displacement on the same 6-cylinder format. This module is fitted with the XPI fuel system, balancing efficient fuel economy with grizzling power.

A step above is the ISM 10.8, offering a gigantic pool of 10.8L displacement. The engine unlocks a world of performance potential – holding the ability to haul the heaviest of weights with its maximum 500 HP and 2,100 nm. A true workhorse, this series has been designed to spend the least time in workshop, owing to its Stoichiometric Recirculation and a dazzling array of computer-led tuning features.

The throne of Cummins performance is assumed by its X series, redefining raw power and performance with a colossal 12L and 15L displacement, horsepower averaging 400 to 500 and over 2500 nm torque. The best of Cummins, this series offers futuristic technologies such as SmartCoast, predictive cruise control, and the Cummins Single Module emission control technology.


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