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Caterpillar Engines 

When thinking of heavy duty engines, Caterpillar Inc. is often amongst the first brands to come to mind. American by origin, Caterpillar is popular for having a rich and long history of over 90 years – its iconic tractors were used in both World Wars and their design served as an inspiration for the modern battle tank – there is no going heavier than that!

Caterpillar’s automotive products are geared for industrial, non-commercial, or alternative commercial uses, including trucks, fire trucks, buses, cranes, boats, ambulances, and others. Caterpillar depends on a single, standardized design to power all these vehicles. One can consider the Caterpillar 3126 engine, a rock-solid performance engine created on a highly flexible design. The engine is diesel powered, featuring a strong displacement of 7.2L based on a 6-cylinder format. It delivers a horsepower performance of up to 330HP. Although the engine’s performance varied across its different applications, its global success continues to mark Caterpillar Inc. as a leading market expert.

The 3126 has now been replaced by the upgraded C7 Acert which upped the engines features dramatically – improving its minimum and maximum output to 225 and 300 HP respectively. Unlike the older 3126, this engine combusts ultra-low-sulfur diesel thereby drastically reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. Much like its predecessor, the C7 features a 7.2L displacement on a 6-cylinder format. It features a dry weight of 1926 lb (588 kg) barring any optional features, of which there are plenty. The application of the upgraded engine is just as varied; being used to power a variety of heavy machinery. The engine makes use of HEUI fuel injection technology with an encompassing computer control in the form of the SAE J1939 computer. Similarly, the engine offers turbocharging, automatic altitude adjustment, electronic diagnosing, speed control, and the ability to manually alter power output.

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