Engine Cylinder Head 5.7-LITER 1987-1995 PRE-VORTEC

SIERRA 18-4485 CHEVY (GM) 5.7-LITER 1987-1995 PRE-VORTEC CYLINDER HEAD. Valve cover bolts down the center. Pre-Vortec 12-bolt intake manifold (4-inside intake manifold bolts at 23), New casting with new stainless steel valves, hardened steel exhaust seats, new valve springs, valve locks, retainers and screw in rocker arm studs. Note: Guided type rocker arms (18-4492) must be used with this cylinder head - if needed, order separately, 8 required per head. Replaces First Mate H-6023, Mallory 9-59004 with Casting #'s 191, 193, 206, 217, 287, 810