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Brand New and Re-Manufactured Marine Engines In Stock, We Can Install or Ship Across Canada.

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Marine Engine Buying Tips

There is much confusion in the engine industry when you talk about getting a "new" engine. You can have everyone saying that they can get you a "new" engine but they get you a rebuilt engine or a remanufactured engine or a "new" used engine and finally a "new" factory engine. Unfortunately with that in mind it is easy for the boat owner to be confused. We at Aerohill Engines serve up two options for you, Remanufactured and factory new engine. "What is the difference?" you may ask well we are here to set this straight, as an informed customer will always be happier if they know what they are getting.

So here are the most commonly used terms;... Repaired Engine Used engine Rebuilt Engine Remanufactured Engine New Engine Repaired engine: A repaired engine that someone partially disassembled fixed the one component apply the required gaskets and put back together package and sell. Used engine: Typically a boat salvage yard would have purchased the boat from an auction or owner and parted it our, however it is impossible to verify the history or even if the previous owner took care of it. The cheapest but extremely risky! Rebuilt Engine: A Rebuilt engine is one that had been taken apart and all serviceable items have been thrown out and put with new all new components and all machine work that is required to complete the job. This is considered a top value item. Re-manufactured Engine is an engine that has been disassembled and all internal components have been tossed, the block is blasted in a furnace, nearly every single item is replaced with brand new and assembled with all new gaskets. Much more expensive than rebuild but a higher quality product than a rebuild. Mostly reserved for higher end vehicles and equipment. New Engine, like the name really would imply this engine is indeed new in every way, the engine has come directly from the true original equipment manufacturer of the engine not of the boat. The most expensive option but completely new in every way. At Aerohill Engines we offer Rebuilt, Re-manufactured and New Engines to suit nearly all budgets. In all of our engines we use hypereutectic teflon coated skirt Pistons with upgraded piston rings, premium roller timing chain set, stainless steel valves when required, marine duty valve springs, marine grade high load rod bearings, marine grade high load main crankshaft bearings, new high volume oil pump, marine stainless steel fire ring head gaskets and premium marine grade gaskets and brass expansion plugs. Our rebuilt re-manufactured engines come with an 18 month warranty on parts and labor when installed by us. Our new engines come with a 2 year warranty when installed by us. We at Aerohill engines have been building Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, OMC and Indmar marine engines since 1986, we stock hundreds of new, re-manufactured and rebuilt engines ready to install within a few days. We also ship marine engines across Canada. Aerohill Engines are Barr Marine distributors and are authorized Quicksilver products vendors.

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