120 kW Cummins QSB-4.5 Power Unit

Cummins QSB-4.5 engine 160HP Power Unit
e-Cummins QSB-4.5 engine 160HP Power Unit
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It starts with a brand new Cummins engine

QSB 4.5 Engine

The Cummins QSB4.5 achieves Tier 3 and Stage IIIA compliance with in-cylinder technology that maintains a compact, simple installation that provides premium performance to every application.

The QSB4.5 makes every piece of construction equipment work harder, smarter, quieter and longer. Every time. It shares technology with the rest of our highly successful B Series, including charge air cooling and turbocharging for strong performance. Power ratings range from 110-170 hp (82-127 kW).

This engine combines proven full-authority electronic controls with the impressive reliability and durability and long maintenance intervals you expect from one of the world's most successful and durable designs.

Every QSB4.5 has improved cold-start capability and is 5-9 decibels quieter in operation than its predecessor. Plus, it runs as quietly at full load as the previous QSB did with no load! A wide range of features are standard

Richardson Cooling Packages

Cooling package

Richardson cooling packages are manufactured in world class facilities. RCP assembles and distributes from their office, warehouse, and plant located in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

RCP supplies numerous Industrial Off-Highway Original Equipment Manufacturers, Engine Manufacturers and Engine Distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. At RCP we have focused on designing and supplying a complete cooling package, including all installation components necessary to mount to an engine.

We at RCP feel our strong engineering support and technical expertise coupled with our best practices-worldwide manufacturing facilities gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

All Richardson Cooling Packages are subjected to a leak test. For this test, the heat exchanger is submersed in water. Compressed air is injected into the heat exchanger.

The creation of bubbles proves the integrity of the heat exchanger is compromised. The lack of a creation of bubbles proves the integrity of the heat exchange is intact.

Controls Incorporated panels are as tough as they get!

MVP Series

Complete engine display and alarms for mechanical and J1939 engines in a compact, 4" diameter gauge that installs into a 2" hole. The ruggedized, waterproof unit with watertight, plug and play connectors comes with an easy-to-read OLED display that provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and performance to -40°F/-40°C.

Fault codes are displayed with occurrence count, fault message and corresponding yellow or red lamp illumination. View both active and stored codes. Alarm log shows the last 32 faults.

Throttle Control is available for both mechanical and J1939 engines.

Integrated emissions monitoring and control for regeneration and DEF. Emissions lamps and display messages provide operator information and push button instructions. Covers all emission tiers including final tier 4. Configurable inputs and outputs are available for common uses like fuel level, alarm inputs or alarm outputs.