Warranty Information

Aero-Hill Engine Rebuilders Warranty

1 Year / Unlimited Kilometers
Our engines are re-conditioned completely by using new and re-machined parts of the best quality. Every motor is fully guaranteed on parts and labour providing that all conditions listed below are followed:

  1. Motor must not be overheated. Every radiator must be cleaned and checked for proper water flow, water pump and radiator hoses checked to ensure proper cooling of the motor.The thermostat must be in good working condition and cars that are equipped with an electronic fan temperature sensor must be changed.

  2. Every engine must be given a 1,000 km. checkup, which involves an oil change, adjust carburetor, oil filter change, check for leaks and check the timing. Engines with solid valve lifters must have clearance checked at the time of installation and after 500 km. and must be performed by a licensed mechanic

  3. Guarantee is void when engine is used in an application other than intended.

  4. Crankcase must be filled with proper oil.

  5. Passenger vehicle engines that are completely rebuilt and installed by us are guaranteed for 1 year with an Unlimited KM limit.

  6. In every rebuilt engine, we recommend that the oil be changed every 4,500 to 5,000 km. or once ever 3 months whichever comes first.

  7. When engine is not installed by Aero-Hill, warranty does not cover for improper installation, defective accessories, defective cooling system and emission system.

  8. Our quoted price does not cover the repair of defective accessories, cooling system, electrical wiring, sensors and emission systems that we may discover during the course of building the engine. 

  9. If major defective components are discovered during the rebuild and the customer does not want us to repair it and  the health of the engine is threatened, the warranty will be invalidated until such repairs are made by a qualified mechanic.

  10. We do not cover towing, hotel accommodation, loss of revenue, car rental transportation or any other incident or damage beyond our control.

  11. Guarantee becomes null and void with change of ownership or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

  12. No repairs are to be made or motor disassembled in any way without prior authorization from this company.

  13. Owner of the vehicle is subject to impounding storage charges and bailiff recovery fees as well as administrative fees if Invoice remains unpaid.

  14. The engine remains property of Aero-Hill Engine Rebuilders Inc. until all invoices are paid.

GM Crate Engine Warranty Sold By Aero-Hill Engines.

3 Years / 160,000 Kilometers

General Motors Company (“GM”) warrants to the purchaser for the time and/or mileage indicated below that it will repair or replace, at its option, any GM Parts Service Replacement Engine, Engine Component, Transmission/Transaxle, Transmission Component, Transfer Case or Short Block Assembly that fails due to a defect in material or workmanship.

GM will use new or remanufactured parts for repair or replacement. Warranty coverage is based on months/mileage, whichever comes first, and begins on the date of installation by an authorized GM dealer or by a qualified Independent Service Center (ISC). For all other over-the-counter sales, warranty begins on date of retail sale.

1. Parts and labor warranty when installed by a GM Dealer or qualified installing Independent Service Center (ISC).

2. Parts and labor warranty when sold over the counter and REPAIRED by a GM Dealer or qualified installing Independent Service Center (ISC), on-highway applications only. Parts only warranty when consumer repaired or when installed in non-highway application. Coverage limited to defects in material and/or workmanship of the specific part only.

3. Includes Allison 1000 Series assemblies sold through GM Dealers.

4. Engine upgrades require appropriate associated parts to ensure proper engine and transmission cooling and torque capacity, fuel/air delivery and emission controls (upgrade example: 305 engine replaced with 350 engine).

5. Parts-only warranty when sold over the counter.

6. Must be installed in a “street legal” automotive application for use on public roads.

7. Warranty valid when all required components are installed on the same vehicle and purchased on one invoice


  1. Damage due to improper installation, negligence, alteration (including changes to engine controls), accident, or improper use. Proper vehicle use is discussed in the vehicle Owner’s Manual.

  2. Any vehicle that has been used for racing (on or off track), stunt driving, performance testing, or used under other extreme operating conditions. • Any vehicle where the odometer has been disconnected or the mileage reading has been altered.

  3. Damage caused by lack of proper maintenance as described in the vehicle’s original Owner’s Manual/ Maintenance Schedule, failure to follow Maintenance Schedule intervals, or failure to use or maintain proper type and levels of fluid, fuel, oil, and lubricants recommended in the Owner’s Manual/Maintenance Schedule. Proof of proper maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. Keep all receipts and be prepared to present them if questions arise about maintenance.

  4. Damage as a result of overheating, contamination or lack of lubrication.

  5. Damage caused by a turbocharger, supercharger, nitrous oxide, or similar product, which is not an approved Chevrolet Performance Part or Accessory.

  6. Racing engines and / or their components.

  7. Use of components in excess of maximum torque specification.

  8. Damage as a result of modification / replacement of torque converter that is part of transmission assembly.

  9. Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use, or other economic loss.

  10. Vehicles registered and normally operated outside of the United States.

  11. This warranty does not apply to any unit installed under the General Motors New Vehicle Limited Warranty.


The GM Dealer or Independent Service Center must be furnished with the purchaser’s original repair order or sales slip (or dealer’s photo copy). This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners, free of charge, by providing the above required documents to any purchaser of the vehicle in which the assembly/component was originally installed.


GM Dealer Installation - The GM Dealer who initially installed the assembly/component or any other GM Dealer may perform the repairs. You must allow a reasonable period of time for repairs following delivery of the vehicle to the GM Dealer.

Independent Service Center Installation- The Independent Service Center (ISC) that installed the assembly/ component or any GM Dealer may perform repairs. Before any repairs can be performed under warranty by an Independent Service Center, the selling GM Dealer (or any GM Dealer) must first authorize needed repairs as a sublet service.

Towing - for GM Parts Engine, Transmission, and Transfer Case assemblies will be covered to the nearest GM Dealership or ISC who performed the installation, not to exceed $150.00, under the following conditions: -The vehicle is inoperative. -The failure was the result of the unit; not the installation. *Chevrolet Performance Parts Engines and Transmissions are excluded. Emergency Repairs (GM Dealers Only): Reimbursement to an owner for repairs performed by other than a GM Dealer will be considered when GM Dealer service was not available (e.g. weekends, evenings, etc.) or when repairs were made in a foreign country where warranty repairs by a GM Dealer are difficult to obtain.

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