How to check a company for fake positive reviews

. it has come to our attention that there now is a competitor who we won't specifically name who has received a huge amount of fake positive reviews since December 2018. I despise having to discuss this on my website, its unprofessional but at the same time is infuriating to be affected by this other companies decision to go down this road. Companies that choose to misrepresent themselves to potential customers only stands to hurt the industry as a whole and unfairly tips the scales in business.

An Example of a Highly Suspicious/Fake Review from our "competition"

We have compiled a list of other fake company reviews left by their fake reviewers to show how you can pay for positive reviews from around the world. Since when does someone who does a bulk of their reviews in New Zealand come to Toronto to buy a car engine?  

Having fake reviews is illegal, immoral and frankly embarrassing. We believe an informed customer is a customer who is easier to please because they are much happier at the end of the day knowing who we are and what they will get for the quoted price. My hope is that you can avoid being deceived by doing a bit of homework on the business you choose. I hope to see one day that the fake reviews are removed so I don't have to address this on my front page. A quick tip to help you see if a review is legitimate on Google is to check using the following steps.

Type in the company name:

Then click on the ## Google Reviews as shown here:

You will then see a list of reviews like below:

You can see if the reviewer's past review history to see what type of reviews they had left in the past and more importantly from where. Note: If a reviewer has 1 or 2 reviews total it doesn't mean they are fake, in fact demographically 29.4‬% of the people who visited our website since 2010 are ages 55+ and are not as internet savvy as others. Select the reviewer's reviews.

Now you can see roughly where this user lives around and that can help you verify their claim. A company like ours typically sells engines across North America so it would make sense to have majority of customers who leaves reviews to have reviewed other companies near where they live. However once in a while we may ship to the Caribbean and Europe so you might see just a few from there. The problem is when majority of your fake customers reviews come from Bangladesh or overseas that should raise a red flag.


Hopefully this page will help you with your decision to find a suitable engine builder and not be fooled out of your money, I just hate to see other companies stoop so low and further tarnish the engine industry's reputation. if you have any questions please feel free to email me personally at Sincerely, Michael Dyanand Manager.